Thursday, March 01, 2007


First off, I spent the past 4 hrs doing NOTHING. Not smart. Although I did see Mark (a.k.a. Chui), so that was cool.

Oh, AND I WON THE TIM HORTONS ROLL UP THE RIM THING!! I win...a free small coffee. Whoopie...

But yeah, screwed for tomorrow midterm.

Speaking of midterm, I just got my Tax midterm back. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW WELL I DID!!! I ended up with, like, 28.5/35. That's OVER 80%!!! Craziness...

I did bad on the part where I knew I would do bad, i.e. the part when I stopped reading the book, didn't study very much, etc etc., but the parts where I was so-so, I FRIGGIN ACED!!! That's just... WOW.

Still think I failed my GBiz midterm. And as I never studied for tomorrow's midterm yet, NOR do my cover letter for the VPD... oh well.


I forgot to press publish in class, lol... so now it's 6:30, no studying done, no cover letter done, still screwed for tomorrow... but hey, I found a wealth of food in the freezer that I forgot I had! SWEETNESS, haha...

Speaking of food, you wanna know something weird? I'm no longer allergic to almonds! Or, rather, I'm very much not allergic to it anymore. As in, less allergic than other stuff I eat even though I'm slightly allergic (read: fruits). How weird is that...

Now I food myself.
Then work from 7-12
Then, if still awake from coffee, do my cover letter
Then, if still adrenaline rushed, study for exam (pension hw most likely)
Then sleep
Then wake up


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