Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cool Beans

Yeah, past couple days were pretty cool.

Yesterday, work, then figuring out all that MicroPhoto junk, then over to Andrew's, watched Magnolia (reuben there too). Movie was alright, kinda long, and in a word, ZOOM *hand flies over my head*. But yes, fun times w/ the hangings out.

Today, got to sleep in due to no work (lack of fish), then appointment @ athesma clinic in VGH, I was in the neighborhood so I called Alan up, we ate at Denny's (I had old man dinner food, "chopped" steak w/ mashed potatoes and stuffing lol), then went to the beach, walked around + threw the disc around, then back to his place, saw Tim there too for a bit, then home. Then, watched the first Ginger Snaps. Good movie, if a little female-ewwness. Also made myself salad. It was delicious. Yup.

Yeah, so my blog is stupidly boring, big whoop wanna fighta bout it? Heheh... man I don't remember where that's from...

...Oh hey, that's right, I never blogged about my weekend... I guess I was too lazy to blog about it before, lol... oh well, I got time now, hehe...

Saturday, photo-shoot thing for the CD cover. Some samples shown @ Valen's Blog. I'm liking that last pic the best. Watched spaceballs @ joey/esther's afterwards. Hi-larious movie, heheh...

Sunday, went to nightmarket. Girls shopping for jewelry = not so fun. But overall, quite enjoyable.

To summarize, this week so far = WAY better than last week. Yup.

...okay, so maybe I am a bit lazy. Lack of fleshings out and what not. Heheh.

Until next time, I guess...


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