Thursday, October 13, 2005


I can't believe I'm gonna havfta pull another all nighter...stupid procrastination.

Plus, I was all staying up last night to at least start the hw, but I'm only halfway through, so I have tons of work still ahead...

And although I did waste most of yesterday hanging out in Kwantlen, man that was such an awesome time...hurrah for hanging out.

Not like today. My lab from 4:30-5:30 was cancelled today (hurrah!), but instead of staring my hw, I decided to just go to kwantlen (since I was going to Hapkido that night anyways). So, when I got there, there was nobody there (kinda surprised), so I decided to just go down and watch the hockey game. Hoooooly crap, what a freakin' waste of time. Crappy crappy canucks today...soooo bad. And to think, that 3 hrs could've been spent doing homework, instead of me having to do it right now...booo me.

Although, I did see Munhong today, watched the 2nd period, hung out a bit, he got me new headphones, which was completely awesome! (although, he did kinda mess up my old ones, buying new ones was awesome...asked if he wanted to at least split it, but he had none of it. Besides, he said, he got it for cheap, like $16 instead of $50+, lol...)

Once again, YOU'RE AWESOME GOON!!!

Anyways, back to my ranting about my long night ahead of me.

So yeah, continuing my story, after the hockey game (saw Abraham, awesome...Oh right, I saw Nate and Jined on the bus, that was pretty cool too. An aside, yes...), after the hockey game I went to hapkido. I found out the mark I got, 78 (pretty nice considering my panic during the test). But freakin' Reuben got 79! Plus, I only got 2 B's while Reuben got 3! Heheh...not to gripe or anything, haha...but actually, I'm quite happy w/ my marks. I got over 70%, so it's all good. Except for the fact that some of the other people who tested didn't seem to be as strong as me and still got better. Who knows...

Anyways, back to my griping, yeah Hapkido was a killer workout today, and now I'm tired as hell, with crazy homework to do. I'm just so freakin' glad that my 290 hw is a group project, so I could lean on the other guys tonight. Group projects are awesome. However, I just know this is gonna bite me in the ass next week when the midterm comes along. Boo me and my procrastinating ways. Oh yeah, but I did end up buying an iced tea and a jolt "electric blue", so hopefully that'll keep me going for the night. Although, right now it isn't quite helping as I'm feeling terribly tired. Although, w/ the caffeine, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to sleep anyways.

And look at me ramble. Sure sign that I'm tired as hell.

No more wasting time on my blog. Time for study now.

Until next time, I guess...

--> As told through the mind of an introverted extrovert.

[edit, 2am - Hoooooly crap, is the caffeine ever kicking in...I'm having the jitters. Woo, sensitivity to caffeine...and I didn't even finish my drinks, haha]

[edit, 3:20am - Yeah, my jitters ended about 45 mins ago, and I'm in the not-hyper-but-still-awake normal caffeine-y stage. It's quite nice, although I wish I could get through these problems faster...and hopefully I'll finish by 6, be able to get a couple hrs of sleep, drink the rest of my drinks in the morning, stay away through class, fall asleep in the library for a few hours, perhaps do my HW for next week, study a bit, go to the mall and reserve civIV, go home and watch a crapload of anime/smallville, sleep 'til noon the next day since I have no school friday...a guy can dream, heheh........ oh man, I'm rambling. Nuts, perhaps I'm getting more tired than I thought....... back to work!]

[edit, 5:40am - I've been working on this stupid friggin' questions for the past 2+ hrs...I have absolutely no idea how to do one question (worth 16/100), and I have no idea how to do this one part of a question (worth 4/100), therefore I still have 20% of the homework to write, but I have no idea what the hell to do...I made my guesses, but they lead to nowhere, but perhaps I could get part marks...but that's the last resort...I really gotta figure this stupid thing out...I'm so freaking pissed right now...the only hope I have is that everyone else does uber crappy on this hw...hurrah for bell curves, I guess...]

[edit, 7:10am - Yeah, I've pretty much given up. I tried to bullcrap my way through most of the problem, but there's only so much I could do...if I get 8/16 for that question, I'd be more than ecstatic...I'm just sure as hell hoping that all my other ones are right, which is under question since I did most yesterday while half asleep. Oh well. Anyways, right now I'm just waiting on a friend to catch up to the problems where I had troubles with. That, and fiddling around w/ my hockey pool again. I dropped Yashin for Eric Staal. Quite a free agent acquision, if I say so myself...stupid overpaid Yashin. Then again, at least he was consistent. Oh well.]

[edit, 8:40am - Well, I'm about to leave to take the 480, and I still haven't gotten everything down pat...talked w/ my friend, he got me to see how q7 worked out...apparently my brain has turned to mush or something...anyways, hurrah for Johnny for helping me, and such. Now, when I get to class, I shall quickly jot stuff down, hopefully fill in any holes in my assignment, and hopefully end up with a good mark. Cause now that I think about it, everyone's gonna get a good mark. Not many people had to stay all night to do this stupid thing. Booooooo me]


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