Monday, October 10, 2005

"Active Learning", my ass...

Okay, I just had to give a Class Participation Feedback e-mail to people in my Class Participation Feedback e-mail group. One problem: THERE HAS BEEN NO CLASS DISCUSSIONS.

Therefore, here is what I wrote in my feedback e-mail:



3) N/A (no class discussions as of yet)

4) N/A (see above)

5) N/A (see above)

6) N/A (see above)

7) N/A (see above)

According to the original guidelines, class discussion should be the focal point of the feedback e-mail. However, due to the lack of class discussions, I cannot give accurate feedback for .

Because this is a Class Participation Feedback e-mail, and not an Active Learning Feedback e-mail, there is nothing left for me to write.

Justin Glenn Beaudry

It just pisses me off how crappy UBC's OB program is, especially compared to the awesomeness that was OB back at BCIT. And they wonder why BCIT and SFU students have higher soft skills. Seriously, I'm highly disappointed.

Plus, 10% of our grade is on "Active Learning". Since there are no class discussions, all of this mark is made through online forum participation, bringing in newspaper articles which reflect OB principles or whatever, and making a "learning log" to record reflections on what we learned in class. What a bunch of bullcrap. No, it's worse than bullcrap. It's a steaming pile of elephant feces.

As you could probably tell, I'm am highly pissed off and slightly disgruntled about all this.

Organizational Behaviour used to be one of my favourite classes. And now it's not.

Until next time, I guess...

--> As told through the mind of a slightly disgruntled introverted extrovert.

[p.s. - Now that I've wasted a good couple hours ranting about this crap, I have to start on the incredibly humongeous pile of actual homework due by wednesday. Great, another wasted weekend with absolutely nothing done. Just great.]


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