Sunday, October 09, 2005



I tried to install the HOMMV beta on my sister's comp, but then I get this message:

"Activation Failed. Not enough time has passed since the recent product activation. Try again in 11 day(s) or contact your product Customer Support."


So I go to the closed beta forum, and there is now a sticky from the producer of Heroes V:

Here is a summary of workarounds for the main problems you could encounter.

- installing the game : you need to have privileges to install and modify the registry, and you need internet access to validate the code
- activating the game : use automatic activation system, insert the key provided to you as `registration key` (copy-paste to avoid mistakes)
- installing on another computer : the key can only be used once, so you can install only on one computer
- cannot connect to : if you have a firewall you should open these ports 6668, 40000, 40005, 40100, 41006, 42000, 44000, 45000- still cannot connect to : send a mail to game lagging : try altering the config file as explained here
- game gradually lagging : we have a memory leak which is being debugged- game crashing : most of the random crashes were taken care of before release of the beta test, but you will still encounter some. Being debugged
- uninstalling starforce : uninstalling the beta does not uninstall starforce (the final game will), use provided tools at

If you messed up somehow and blew your key, mail me. I will be VERY selective into giving out new keys.

I wait all this time, and now I'm not able to play the freaking beta because the key can only be used once?!? FRICKIN' HELL!!!
And how the hell does one mail the producer of Heroes V, anyways???
Oh well, I'm off to figure this one out...instead of getting a good night's sleep for tomorrow's Hapkido testing...will definately sleep by 12:30 though...must get 7 hrs, at least...
Until next time, I guess...
[p.s. - I wanted to blog about today, such as hanging w/ Reuben, walking in vancouver for an hour, etc, but right now I'm far too pissed off]


Blogger Gautam said...

despite your apparent rage, I still find it hard to imagine you not having a big smile while ranting.

6:54 a.m.  

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