Monday, July 21, 2008


I want to watch more superhero movies.

I want to play more music.

I want to exercise.

I want to hang out and do stuff more.

CALL ME. Or otherwise.


Blogger Gautam said...

I messaged you on your blog, sent you a facebook invite and even messaged you on msn, but you either didn't get the hint, or didn't care, but a bunch of the guys ARE going camping from august 2nd to the 4th (Sat to Monday).
You are still welcome to come if you can (or want to).

10:20 p.m.  
Blogger bj_nitsuj said...

Man, I'm never online anymore... plus I was away this weekend. Either way, sorry bout the no-callings etc.

I talked w/ Andrew. I'd like to go, but it depends on a few things happening/not happening first. Gonna have to wait a few days before I commit to anything man, sorry...

9:53 p.m.  

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