Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ketsup? ...Catchup!

I work for Catalyst Paper in Richmond, 2 min from Airport Station.

Got my marks back, AMAZED that I did so well. Back on honour roll, woo hoo and all that etc. It's funny how I could've easily gotten straight A's had I exerted as much effort as I humanly could. But oh well.

Ultimate again! So fun! Nearly died, as it was my first serious exercise since August, heh. Calves are nearly immobile they're so cramped. Makes me walk like an old man, lol.

Birthday tomorrow, nice nice. Mom's practically making a feast. Yum!

My thumbs are becoming decidedly greener. Ru's so awesome :)

I've probably got more catchup items to spew, but I'm done for now. I need sleep.

Heheh, sleep. Weird how I've been getting 8hrs and feeling so tired at work, but the one time I got about 4 (b/c it's so freakin' hot/cold/hot/cold in my apartment)... ....the one time I get 4 hrs of sleep I feel totally awake at work. Heh, go figure.

Rambling is starting. G'nite everybody! *moon*


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