Thursday, October 11, 2007


Concert was CRAZY. 19+ means broken glass all over the floor and drunken 220 lb. 6'7" guys trying to shove themselves in front of you which makes no friggin' sense 'cause they can friggin' see over my friggin' head!!

But no, it was fun. Especially since I was practically immovable, heheh. Boosted the ego a bit, dem guys not able to shove through.

Music awesome, even first band was pretty decent (although I'm 100% certain that 95% of my readership would disagree).

I've got an interview tomorrow night with Deloitte. I hope I don't have a friggin black eye.

More later. It's 1am and I've got work tomorrow.

Oh yeah, Alan ended up going w/ me. That was fun, first time he went to a concert like that, heheh. more thing. Going to the concert made me miss something.


...FRICKIN' EIGHT TO TWO?!?! [[shock expletive deleted]]


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