Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random Quips

Didn't pass through campus idol. I was soo ripped off. Prejudice against co-ops, I assume. I mean, if a co-op won campus idol... that wouldn't be cool... I guess...

I'll have proper internets by tuesday. SWEEET. With an extra E.

What's the deal with my brain, why am I so obviously insane?

I register for classes a week thursday. At 8:45am. I start work at 8. I don't know how this'll happen... I've already missed a crapload of work as it is... perhaps I should just do it once I get home... or, get one of my sisters to do it??

Considering that I don't even know if I'll take my next co-op term in the fall or the spring (i.e. winter), I don't even know if I should bother taking these classes... I haven't even checked to see what I want... jeez, last year, I kept fiddling and fiddling... right up until the last minute, when all the spots were full right before I signed on, and had to tinker like mad just to get my classes... and ended up with pure crap on a stick... but no matter. This year will be different. All morning classes. And I'll STILL wake up later than I'm waking up now, haha...

My little quips are starting to become rants. And I was doing so well with the uber-summaries... oh well... time for bed...


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