Sunday, June 10, 2007


If you guys haven't found this already, check it out:

Pretty sweet.


Tomorrow's Campus Idol at my work. I'm participating, lol.

Crossroads once again. Hopefully better than cafe night, but w/o that crazy keyboard in the background, I don't know...


Congrats Shaylene on graduating grade 12 [holy crap I feel old!], congrats to everyone else graduating whatever (as I know there's a bunch of you), and congrats to whatever else needs congratulating!

That should just about cover it.


My goals this week:

1) Sleep before 10pm every night. Wake up before 6am everyday. Eat breakfast.
2) Make lunch. Make dinner. DON'T BUY EXPENSIVE FOOD.
3) Phone telus, get freaking internet!
4) Go and watch Blades of Steel and Shooter at Hollywood (at odds w/ #1)
5) Go to the beach when sunny.
6) Read.
7) Play the guitar again. Play the bass again. Put more stuff on youtube.
8) Hang out with people.
9) Hang out with YOU.

and finally...

10) Figure out some things. One friend says one thing, and another says something else. One has (ALOT) less experience, and one has (somewhat) more. Obviously one is an idiot. Or perhaps I'm the idiot for continuing to listen to his/her advice, especially since it's never helped in the past...

But that's enough cryptic mumbo jumbo for one night.

Sleep time.


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