Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lacking the FEAR

It's exam time. And yet, I'm still not in crazy cramming mode.

As it's been mentioned, fear is a great motivator, esp. in academics. Fear of failing, fear of not getting a good mark, etc...

But no. I just don't really care about all that anymore, I guess. Especially since I'm overachieving soooo much this semester. I mean, even if I put a minimal effort into some of my classes (which I'm sad to say, I haven't...), I'd have easily, EASILY gotten an A average. But I don't feel like I deserve that grade, and as such, I slack.

I am the Slack King.

[p.s., I've been playing Pokemon recently. Hanging out at BCIT, memories of spending hours playing that on GBA, so relaxing...]


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