Monday, March 12, 2007

In Class

Class is boring

I'm hungry, and I forgot to eat during my break. Or rather, I wasn't hungry then.

I now have 6 hrs straight of class. I think I'm gonna have to eat between one of my classes. But which class to be late for... MIS, or Phys... probably Phys...


Still hungry, still bored in class, 45 mins later. I don't think I could wait another 2 hrs... but I can and I will. Hunger not as bad as missing out the class I already skipped last week and am unable to really make up.


This class has the potential to be interesting, but it just isn't. I could blame the teacher. He's the president for some international transportation federation or something. Those kinds of teachers are never very good.


I'm going to be 23 relatively soon, if you haven't noticed by my 22m10 title. I think that's starting to get to me. 21 still sounds kinda young, same with 22... but, 23... TWENTY-THREE...

I stop blog now.


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