Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nine Days Later...

Yup, blogging again.


Worked kinda dragged on, esp. since Adrian wasn't around... being alone on the job kinda sucked.

My phone died in the middle of talking to Ruana. That SUCKS.

Then I had my friggin' worst game of ultimate EVER... I singlehandedly destroyed the positive momentum early on w/ three disgusting throws that lead directly to the opposition's points. Although in my defence, they made me handle. If ever I handle, I needs the adrenaline, not right at the beginning of the game! As can be inferred by my tone, we lost handily to a team we've already beaten. That SUCKS.

Then I walked home. Until about Alma, when I realized that walking home was making me even more depressed. It was like an extended walk of shame, for all you knowledgeable ultimate players out there.

And I don't get to see Ruana 'til Sunday... boo hoo hoo etc... But yeah, on that note, I think I was kinda bummed after not watching the movie yesterday, so I became all insomniac again. 3 hrs of sleep isn't enough for work and ultimate.

And, AND, to top it all off, I just finished making the nastiest pot of spaghetti I've ever made... crap dammit...

When it rains, it pours... even when the skies disagree...

Until next time, I guess...

[Edit - Okay, well the spaghetti still tastes really good... perhaps this is an omen of the winds of change...]

[Edit 2 - ...I don't know if it's the lack of hunger, or if I hit bottom, or what, but DANG that spaghetti was delicious... perhaps I should use a pound of seasalt everytime I cook pasta... heheh...]


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