Sunday, June 17, 2007

Reasons / Some Things Change (or Not)

I don't like going back into Richmond.

I've forgone an all you can eat brunch w/ my uncle and cousins for the potential father's day brunch at DeDutch.

Shit happened, and now I'm not doing either.

Living on my own is nice and all, but I think I might have to actually move farther away than Vancouver. Stupid family...


Alright, so I blogged too soon. We eventually went to Dedutch, and it was pretty good. Super expensive, but pretty good.

When the toilet overflowed this morning, pretty much all hell broke loose for about an hour. That was not fun. And yes, I WAS alluding to the toilet overflowing.

After Dedutch, I took Shaylene to lansdowne and bought her a Giants jersey at Collector's Den. Pretty cool.

Also, after parusing Collector's Den for a while, I saw dem Magic cards again. At first, I was all, argh, summertime, but don't wanna get into it again... but sooo expensive..... ...GWAHH?? Four bucks?? 11 for a deck?? HOLYCRAP, SOO CHEAP NOW!! It's, like, over 50% off what it used to cost to buy the damn cards! Freakin' eh!

And then I caved and bought 150 cards for under 30 bucks. Heheh...

I guess some things change, and other's stay exactly the same.

Oh, and when I got back, I found the hundreds of other magic cards tucked away in the garage... MAN, I have a lot of 'em... I miss those days when I actually played the game, with my cousins, with Kris etc... my goodness, it's been a decade...

I'M OLD... wow...

Heheh, pokemon cards... pokemon was so fun...

NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD. Must stop blogging...


I still think I might have to move farther away though... or, at least, not come back every weekend... but we'll see.

Until next time, I guess...


Anonymous valen. said...

my sister spent like over $200 on the first edition, holographic, Charizard card. i don't even think she knows where it is anymore. hahaha.

9:26 a.m.  

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